Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holidays!! Tralalalalaa

I admit to chewing on a piece of tissue to do the fact of slight boredom and I was in a semi-conscious state . But hey!!! Everyone gets those moments :)

Holidays so far have been jam-packed with awesomeness, but some days nada, zilt, nothing, nought, zero... And those are the absolute boring days. Sigh...

Well, I've got something to look forward to, in less than two weeks. It's Christmas. And me and my eccentric and lovable family members are going to stay in an ACTUAL REAL mini castle for 4 days for Christmas. No bluffing. How sweet is that? Then we are going river-rafting and going to get on the adventurous side of things. xD

- Mishii

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I. AM. OBSESSED! Anyone, who are reading this very words  should immediately google and youtube 'Vocaloid' :)


Here's a song, one of my favourites from Vocaloid:


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clickey Click Click

Brownies I made on Sunday, I think?

Missy Venus

A rose out of several my ma bought for the kitchen

Mr Jerry taking a semi-snooze

Isn't she cute :3?
The base of a perfume I just bought by Gwen Stafani... I don't know If I spelt that right :P

 Heyo, Eyo.
Exams are nearly finished... only 3 left! Can't wait to get them over and done with...

I've been taking loads of pics lately :) Messing around and just having fun. Here are some of my favourites.... I haven't a clue why they are above the text, but anywho, not a major issue.


Sunday, November 14, 2010


There it is...

The thin white stroke
Against the velvet skies.
There it flies
In the darkness of the moonless night.
Then it fades quickly out of sight.

Such a loving living beauty,
With such a short death...
That took away my breath.
Now, where has it gone?
That gleaming sparkle I gazed upon?

Then, I suddenly remember...

 I shut my eyes,
And think of the first desire on my mind
Whatever I dream for and seek to find
And I whisper my wish
One would think I was foolish
To do such a childish thing
To be dreaming or hoping
For the impossible
But I claim, anything's possible
With a faithful heart of your own.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Just great.

I'm in a grumpy session at the moment... you hear me, GRRRR!

Am I supposed to get it? Am I supposed to tolerate it? Nooo. Just get that into your think head, please and thank-you :)

Okay, away with the moodiness. I wish to rant, but ...nagh... 
Today, the day of the fries was epic!! An amazing exam, an amazing chillaxing time and as well as youth on top of that :) . Hehe. I'm planning to bake either brownies or honey crunchies tomorrow? Hmmm... That's something to munch about. Ooo, also,  I'm sketching an drawing that I am planning to do on my empty canvas that is gathering dust in my room :D Projeecctt timez!

That's Miss Mish,
Signing out.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This called for desprete measures

The exam I wrote today, namely Geography, was a breeze. But this is  funny... Well, at least I think it is :)

I sat content in my little chair and pulled out my tools... pencil, pen, sharper, era-

I recalled last night working on an artwork, I used my eraser to get rid of a few imperfections..

I sighed, all hope was lost... Then my eyes fixed on a particular label on my desk. Slowly, not wanting to be stared at, I snagged some prestik from the label. I smirked gleefully, it was by chance I was using these desk with a prestikked label.

And if you wonder why the hell I would use prestik as a replacement for an eraser. Just try... It works! I always use it for my dilemmas.

Tomorrow, it's English and Dramatic Arts... WOOT.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Woof n Meow

On the weekend I took some cute pics of my lovable pets. We decided to hang out in the garden...

Jerry, taking a good snooze

Venus there, preparing for a leap

Both of the demented animals!

May I clarify that the grass is not my pet, I just thought it was a rad picture

History is soooo last year.

Today, I did my history exam. I'd say it was a fairly enjoyable paper... until the end... WHY on EARTH do you leave the ridiculously stupid and hard questions till the end? Why? *Sigh*

I'm probably over-reacting, but still, it was the last question and I was about to have a semi-anxiety attack because I only had 10 minutes left... AND the question didn't make sense. It wasn't even related to history! Pff....(>.<)
Next it's Geography, which I'm quiet positive for. :) My last exam I got A+ ! Hehe! It was almost hard to believe put I was extremely pleased with this achievement.

I'm off for now, time to study about Cumulonimbus clouds and Contour lines. 


Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hey everyone, anyone or someone... This is my first blog post! *GASP*

I don't now what to brag or bag about yet... But for starters, exams are tomorrow for me! I'm having to dive into two weeks of writing, writing and writing... or you could say torture? 

That's that for now at least, Cheero till next time!