Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clickey Click Click

Brownies I made on Sunday, I think?

Missy Venus

A rose out of several my ma bought for the kitchen

Mr Jerry taking a semi-snooze

Isn't she cute :3?
The base of a perfume I just bought by Gwen Stafani... I don't know If I spelt that right :P

 Heyo, Eyo.
Exams are nearly finished... only 3 left! Can't wait to get them over and done with...

I've been taking loads of pics lately :) Messing around and just having fun. Here are some of my favourites.... I haven't a clue why they are above the text, but anywho, not a major issue.



  1. Wow Mishii your photography is AMAZE !!! Keep it up , I'd love to see more :)

  2. HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET YOUR PICS TO LOOK SO PROFFETIONAL?????? mish i need sum tips...

  3. Practice! Practice!! :) hehe

  4. mishi every thing u do is amazing
    love u loads
    Emzie Bee