Monday, November 8, 2010

History is soooo last year.

Today, I did my history exam. I'd say it was a fairly enjoyable paper... until the end... WHY on EARTH do you leave the ridiculously stupid and hard questions till the end? Why? *Sigh*

I'm probably over-reacting, but still, it was the last question and I was about to have a semi-anxiety attack because I only had 10 minutes left... AND the question didn't make sense. It wasn't even related to history! Pff....(>.<)
Next it's Geography, which I'm quiet positive for. :) My last exam I got A+ ! Hehe! It was almost hard to believe put I was extremely pleased with this achievement.

I'm off for now, time to study about Cumulonimbus clouds and Contour lines. 



  1. O cum on it wasn't that hard....... it was average i guess but it wasn't difficult

  2. Wait... are you talking about the paper or the question? =P Haha