Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This called for desprete measures

The exam I wrote today, namely Geography, was a breeze. But this is  funny... Well, at least I think it is :)

I sat content in my little chair and pulled out my tools... pencil, pen, sharper, era-

I recalled last night working on an artwork, I used my eraser to get rid of a few imperfections..

I sighed, all hope was lost... Then my eyes fixed on a particular label on my desk. Slowly, not wanting to be stared at, I snagged some prestik from the label. I smirked gleefully, it was by chance I was using these desk with a prestikked label.

And if you wonder why the hell I would use prestik as a replacement for an eraser. Just try... It works! I always use it for my dilemmas.

Tomorrow, it's English and Dramatic Arts... WOOT.


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